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Cris Dobrosielski CSCS, CPT

Monumental Results

Our Purpose
Monumental Results is dedicated to educating, encouraging, empowering, and inspiring our clients and community in the areas of balanced, lifelong fitness, wellness, and athletic development. We believe success in any area of life comes from setting clearly defined goals, executing a gradually progressive plan of attack, and committing to always doing your best in the moment of choice.

Our Services
  • School of Lifelong Fitness
  • Academy of Champions
  • Health and Wellness
  • Five Pillars of Lifelong Fitness Clinics for Adults™
  • Fit Kids Strong Foundations Learning by Doing Workshops™
  • Our Name
    The name Monumental Results was inspired by Cris’s appreciation for the awesome power of nature. Deliberate and consistent natural forces dramatically change the face of the planet over time. Mountains, river gorges, and beach sand are tangible examples of the profound effect of steady processes applied over time. We believe the most significant and longest-lasting improvements in one’s health come not from one-size-fits-all exercise routines, but from making a commitment to executing small meaningful changes in daily habits.

    Our Philosophy
    Since 1988, we have been helping people safely stretch their limits, improve their lives, and exceed their expectations. Our teaching is scientifically based and driven by results. We build long-lasting relationships with our clients that are grounded in honesty, trust, and mutual accountability. Our motto is: “Small consistent change, over a significant period of time, leads to Monumental Results”.

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