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Cris Dobrosielski CSCS, CPT


going the distance fitnessCris is a motivational speaker, master trainer, and nationally recognized expert in fitness development, strength and conditioning and injury prevention. Cris has helped hundreds of teams and thousands of individuals accomplish their goals, maximize their potential, and improve their lives over the past two and a half decades.

Cris’s proven and uplifting approach to transforming lives has earned him national coverage on CBS Nightly News and regional coverage on NBC7, KUSI, The CW, and the San Diego Union-Tribune. In addition, Cris is a regularly featured contributor in the California Surf Life Saving Association Magazine, for which he writes about sports performance and motivation.

A national presenter to both youth and adults, this Massachusetts native son is passionately committed to educating, encouraging, and inspiring people around the globe to improve their health, athleticism, and their lives.

Cris is a four-time Masters World Life Saving Champion, two-time United States Masters National Champion and thirteen-time Southern California Regional Champion. In 2012, Cris earned the title of Southern California age group Champion in both the International Ironman and the Run-Swim-Run. Cris considers, the challenge, joy and camaraderie of sport vital components to his life.

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