Going the Distance

A Book By
Cris Dobrosielski CSCS, CPT

  • Do you want to play the sports and the fitness activities you love for the rest of your life with minimal interruptions?

  • Are you stuck in a frustrating injury cycle that is limiting your ability to participate at the level you want?

  • Are you tired of trying “one-size-fits-all” fitness programs that deliver limited and short-lived results?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this book is for you!

2013’s Best Running Books – Going the Distance
“Author, motivational speaker and fitness expert Cris Dobrosielski CSCS, CPT, MT, has published a must-read book about injury prevention. Focusing on small, consistent changes, Dobrosielski offers key insights to becoming a healthier athlete and living a healthier life.”
—Competitor Magazine

“Any athlete and fitness enthusiast wanting to do what they love longer and better would do well by spending as much time as possible with this little big man…”  
—Bill Walton, Member, Basketball Hall of Fame

“It has been a very, very long year for me and I feel that Cris and his Going the Distance approach, more than anyone else in my life, helped me through my pain, both physically and emotionally.”
—Danielle Hammerman, MD ObGyn, Pre and Post Surgical Client

“The plan Cris lays out in Going the Distance is an excellent mental and physical tool for adult athletes, in any sport, who want to minimize the risk of injury and maintain a high level of performance…”
—Rowdy Gaines, 3x Olympic Gold Medalist

“Coach Cris and his Going the Distance philosophy have made an invaluable contribution in helping me make new “steps forward” in my preparation for the upcoming competitive season. Thank you Cris, you are a master of your craft!”
—Yulia Kachalova- 2012 Russian Olympian, Canoe/Kayak, Member SDCKT

“In Going the Distance Coach Cris clearly explains how to do all the little things, that when added together, bring about big gains in performance. Cris’s focus on balanced strength, full body flexibility, and major joint stabilization are essential aspects of longevity and injury prevention in any sport.”
—Lesley Patterson, 2x Xterra Triathlon World Champion

“Going the Distance is real world and pure… Distilled from years of an open heart, mind and body pushing to, through and away from pain…”
—Scott Shoemaker, MD, Orthopedic Surgeon, Kaiser Permanente

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